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    We are committed to provide the best tailor made solutions for your needs in TUGA-FrancoTosiMeccanica Joint Venture.

About us

"TUGA-FrancoTosi Meccanica” is a Joint Venture between MAPNA Turbine (TUGA) and Franco Tosi Meccanica, formed in December 2015.

By the new company, MAPNA Group will be able to deliver a more comprehensive portfolio of high quality turbomachinery products and services in Iran and abroad.

Our Products

Power and Industrial Gas Turbines

Power and Industrial Gas Turbines

MGT-30, MGT-40, MGT-70 and MGT-80 are our popular Gas Turbines. These Turbines produce from 25 to more than 300 MW Power in ISO conditions.

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Steam Turbines

Steam Turbines

We offer 1 to 850 MW Steam Turbines. Our brand new JVC is honored to be able to design and manufacture tailor-made steam turbines based on you special needs.

All Steam Turbines

Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

We are manufacturer of up to 50 MW Air and Gas Compressors. The compressors are designed according to API 617 Standard.

All Centrifugal Compressors

Hydraulic Turbines

Hydraulic Turbines

Our popular Hydraulic Turbines are PELTON, FRANCIS and KAPLAN. These Turbines offer up to 500 MW Power depending on the Net Head and other parameters of the plant.

All Hydraulic Turbines

Our Services

  • Engineering and Technical Services

    With its professionals and trained human resources, Mapna-Franco Tosi Meccanica aims to be a leading organization in the provision of numerous engineering services in electric power industry

  • Field Services

    Field services of TUGA-Franco Tosi Meccanica, covers a wide range of activities at clients site, from a relatively simple part replacement to a complete overhaul.

  • Shop Services

    Our shop services consist some of very specialized works which is being done in our facilities both in Iran and Italy.



The Coalition of Technology and Experience

Latest News


Tehran, Iran – Iran’s MAPNA Group and the Italian Franco Tosi Meccanica officially launched their joint venture on December 13, 2015.