• Shop Services

    Our shop services consist some of very specialized works which is being done in our facilities both in Iran and Italy.

Our services - Shop Services

  • High/ low Speed Balance

    High/Low speed balancing is an important stage for majority of rotors undergoing repair. Our high speed and low speed balancing shops give the opportunity to clients to benefit high speed balance service for large and medium size gas and steam turbine rotors and low speed balance for smaller size rotors of industrial turbine (25 MW) all in one.

  • Over Speed Test

    Rotor repair, in many cases, involves high speed test. We have provided this opportunity for the ease of our client and quicker service.

  • Welding/ machining

    A large number of turbomachinery components have suffered such damage that they would not be revived without build-up through welding and corresponding machining. TUGA-FrancoTosiMeccanica easily provides both these services for more flexibility and cost-competitive services.

  • Rotor Integration

    On numerous occasions, our customers demand repair services just for the stacked rotors. In order to respond this demand, we carry out disassembly, testing, measuring and reassembly safe and fast.

  • Vibration Analysis

    All analysis related to vibration which is necessary in order to prevent unit's unexpected failure.